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Websites from academic writing centers.
Purdue University: Online Writing Lab by Geoff Sauer — last modified 2004-08-28 06:09 PM
Purdue's OWL has been serving the Purdue community and the rest of the world over the Internet since 1993.
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: Writing Center by Geoff Sauer — last modified 2004-08-28 07:04 PM
Provides one-on-one consultation to students, faculty and staff in preparing written, oral, and electronic communication projects.
University of Florida: Networked Writing Environment by Geoff Sauer — last modified 2004-08-28 06:03 PM
The Networked Writing Environment hosts a wide variety of computer intensive writing courses.
Univerity of Texas: Computer Writing and Research Lab by Geoff Sauer — last modified 2004-08-28 06:08 PM
The focus of CWRL courses is studying English composition and/or literature.
Colorado State University: Writing@CSU by admin — last modified 2006-09-01 04:39 PM
Colorado State University's OWL. The site houses more than 30,000 pages of instructional materials and is home to its Writing Studio, an instructional writing environment with a free course management system.