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Community Rhetoric

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Rhetorics of inclusion, such as those based upon Paolo Friere's "pedagogy of the oppressed."
Strategies and Roadblocks to the Inclusion of Community Expertise in Academic Research by Geoff Sauer — last modified 2004-08-30 12:01 PM
This talk presents a case study which followed a graduate course in public policy which attempted to construct knowledge around a community-based problem in collaboration with community members. The talk covers both the successes and difficulties of this research project.
The Spirit of Paulo Freire in Blogland: Struggling for a Knowledge-Log Revolution by Geoff Sauer — last modified 2004-08-31 07:14 PM
Weblogs and knowledge-logs, or “blogs” and “klogs,” have emerged into the bubble online world as a notable (and often non-commercial) social phenomenon.