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by Geoff Sauer last modified 2006-10-03 06:22 AM

Please link from your rhetoric-related pages to our new URL address, to help visitors find our redesigned website.

(With thanks to the EServer TC Library, from which some of this text is plagiarized.)

Our newly-redesigned site now has a new URL address. Though over the early 1990s we were available from the original URLs (if you can believe it):,,, and, from 1997 to 2006 we've been available at, our recent redesign has also launched a new URL: The old address will continue to work indefinitely; we've just adopted the new one as part of the complete redesign of this site because it's cooler.

Some sites even link to our far older URL addresses from the early 1990s, which now no longer function:, or These URLs date back to the days before people on the Internet realized shorter URLs were easier to type. We'd very much encourage people whose sites link to those URLs to update to the new one.

As we review our server logs, our editors find that--though we have lots of visitors (on average, 750 per day)--they're mostly coming to us from search engines, or bookmarks, or from a small number of referring websites. That was a surprise to us, given that there are many, many rhetoric-related websites around the world, most of which link frequently to one another.

"Maybe," we thought, "we just haven't invited the people who run websites to link to our site."

So. If you run a rhetoric-related site, we'd like to ask you now to help us (and your visitors) by linking to the newly-upgraded Rhetoric and Composition website at, or to particular sections of this site of particular interest to your readers.