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by Geoff Sauer last modified 2004-09-03 01:05 PM

This document describes how to join the editors of this website in writing, publishing and linking to resources in the field.

If you wish to help us to publish new materials and/or to link to websites we should index within our catalogue, follow these directions:

Join the Site

  • If you aren't yet a member of the EServer Rhetoric community, click the Join link at the bottom of this page.
  • Fill out the form, answering its four questions. Then log in using your new username and password. Now you're a "member" of this site.

Add Items

When you browse this website as a member, you'll see a blue menu choice in the top-right corner of any folder or document, with a pull-down menu titled "add new item". From this menu, you can add the following sorts of content to this site:

  • document (a web page of any sort, including any sort of document)
  • event (a call for papers or date of an event of interest to the rhetoric community, such as an academic conference)
  • file (a non-HTML file, such as an Acrobat PDF document)
  • folder (a subfolder of the current folder)
  • forumnb (a threaded discussion forum)
  • image (a graphic)
  • link (a link to another website)

The items you create will be set by default to the state "visible to editors"--not visible to Internet visitors, but only to you and the reviewers and editors of this website. When you feel the work is ready for Internet readers, click the "state: visible" menu and pull down to select "submit". This highlights your contribution to be reviewed by the website's reviewers and editors. The site's managers, upon reviewing the documents you've added, may "revise", "reject" or "publish" the entry (make it visible to all Internet users).

Please do not add copyrighted materials to which you do not own the copyright. Please do not post libelous materials or materials our readers might reasonably consider indecent.

If you add sufficient materials with evident quality, you'll be invited to become a reviewer, and perhaps then an editor of the collection.

Feel free to contact the site editors if you have any questions.