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About this Website

by admin last modified 2008-01-12 01:45 AM

Information about the past of, present of, and future plans for this website.

Rhetorica This website was first created in 1994, built to serve as a central location to link to the diverse online materials available on the Internet.
At that time, web portals did not yet exist. What rhetoric and composition pages on the Web did exist were heavily colored by the perspectives of their host institutions. This site hoped to publish what resources it could, and to link to all, serving as a central "map" to the rest. Even so, many people referred to it as the "CMU Rhetoric" website (because it was physically located at Carnegie Mellon University); some people refer to it that way to this day, even though the site has physically moved to Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa.
And today, of course, there are far more resources online than we could index adequately with a single online editor--even if s/he wrote HTML day and night. So this website is today based on a modern content management system, one that allows volunteers, reviewers and editors to collaborate to post new materials, and to link to the complex web of online resources located across the Internet that comprise the complex network of rhetoric resources online.
So we're developing an extensive collaboration here, within a modern web publishing system that will allow our volunteers to spend as much or as little time as they choose, and will allow us to offer any state-of-the-art web technologies (e.g. blogs, threaded discussion boards, database-driven content pages, streaming media, etc.) we believe useful to the site. Read about how to join us in building a comprehensive website for the field.